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Helpful Links:

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An excellent wiki for generic UO information.
~ UO Stratics | http://uo.stratics.com |
This site boasts the most information relating to UO
~ Tower of Roses | http://tor.bplaced.net |
This site has lots of mixed information and great BoD reward charts for Blacksmiths and Tailors.

++Latest News++

News off Januari 22th, 2017

Shazzy updated our logo on this page and it made me realise we need serious updating here.
We are actually running High Sea's for just over a year now.
Still adding old stuff. Rescripting plenty to make it work again. All Shazzy's doing and she's strugling with the Holly Grail quest, again. And, and, and …….We have a new scriptkiddy in town. Our new GM Dante!
We are very greatfull for some old scripts of his own he has ajusted for us and some new stuff he scripted while discussing it. He's good.

Shazzy outdid herself with Christmas. Every character was allowed to turn in a wishlist at Bernard, Santa's helper. Think we made it almost impossible for Shazzy to grand us all our wishes, but she DID. :D Thanks for all the work put in Shazzy.

Runelibrary is still in Luna. Training is possible in TOK traininghouse and the great library next door still need setting up.
I'm running a crafterguild and I organized an event for it's grand opening. What is a craftersguild without resouces right.
Then decided to make this an anuall event. I will be making a hole new page about it. So you can read more about it there when I get around to it.

Well first update is here. Changes to our Storageboxes is next. But bare with me, have to rediscover all the details in wikiprogramming

Kind Regards, Tintagel

PS If anyone has suggestions for this site, please let me know. You can massage Gwendydd on the forum or tell me or Gwendydd in game. Even better become a contributor yourself. (link is below)

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