4th Anniversary

2004 to 2008 is a long time for a server to be running.. sure there are lots out there but there are also a lot that don't last a year let alone 4 years.
Four years of dedication and commitment to a relatively small online community is something very special and members of our great community decided they would thank the people behind the community.


It was top secret business leading up to this special event with a forum message sent to people on the forums.

Message from: Alexandria
Date: Mar 28 2008, 07:51 PM

Hello all,

As you know, This shard is running toward its 4th birthday.
There's a lot of effort involved on Shaz&Go's part on running and maintaining this Shard and we thought
it would be fun to treat THEM to an event.

What's the big idea?
Well, first off, there'll be a surprise-party at Nu'jelm palace, loads of food and booze, music and a LOAD of fireworks.
It will be difficult to set this up since they can see everything in chat-logs, command logs, item-statistics, etc.
Actually she almost already caught us preparing so we pretended we're doing this for Bel whose girlfriend is expecting.
Shazzy thought it's a fun idea to do something for Bel and Nemesis Octavian so she agreed with having a party, and made sure everybody received two extra giftboxes.
(One for Bel and one for Nemesis.) But since this is a double party (for Shaz and Ova as well) everybody will have to find another way to wrap their gifts.

Well, what's so big about that?
When the party's busy, an 'Evil GM' shows up and starts kidnapping some players (volunteers smile.gif)
They'll be replaced to a few 'hard to reach' places and need to be rescued by Shaz' and Ova's player characters (with help from other players).
The 'Evil GM' leaves a set of clues (same idea as Waldo or Carmen Sandiego).

So in short:
-You'll need four presents. (Bel, Nem, Shaz, Ova.)
-It's scheduled at Saturday March 29th 5:00 PM Servertime!!!
-Keep it as quiet as possible please!!! (Which is why everything is at such short notice…sorry bout that) Shaz & Ova know see and hear everything…
-BE THERE smile.gif

-We need a few more volunteers who are willing to disappear during the party.
PM me if you're interested, with a location to disappear to (include a hint which will be written in a book and presented to S&O).

Hope you can all make it,
Tintagel & Alexandria

And once the details were organised..

Message Forwarded From Tintagel

Well time is still the same
5pm server time on Saturday 29th of March.
Place is changed to Serpendshold Counselers guild
(big building in the North).

How to get there?
There is a gate in the rune library east of Luna bank.
Trammel city's gives you a passage to Serpentshold.
From the bank follow the road west and cross the bridge,
then walk north as far as you can. Find the sign
counselers guild, walk in and your at the right spot
to party.
If you can't find it, I can have gates appear in the
passageway between the Tailor and Blacksmith in Luna.
Just use .c and ask.

If you can't come you can drop of your present with me
or give it yourself to one of them later.

You can put your ridable in the stable we provided at
the counselers guild.

-Shazz and Ova giving their present to the one they
think the party is for.
-I'm looking for a conductor, so if Muad'dib asks
pls say yes.
Want to "sing" For they are jolly good fellows.
Conductors task will be to queue us with 1,2 and 3.
1: For they are jolly good fellows
2: And so say all off us
3: And nobody can deny
Pls have some macro buttons for it to join in this
colorful mess. Maybe add a Hip Hip Hooray and a
loud happy anniversary Shazz and Ova. I'll leave
that up to the conductor.
-Ok, I need you help for a big final on the fireworks.
So pls bring your fireworks wand and fire at will when the
fireworks stands are lit by us.
-Still looking for volunteers who want to "disappear".
Muad'dib will provide a tasteful finish.

If you want to add an event yourself like reading a poem,
do some barding stuff, some stage drama, a long boring speech,
a few sappy detailed anecdotes be sure to contact
Muad'dib or Fox (Morbidia, Alexandria) on time.

Surprise us and show up,
kind regards, Tintagel, Fox and Muad'dib

The big day!

With all that set the table was set for a great time to be had by all!
Here are some images taken from our forums.

Gifts for the creators of Shazzy's Shard!

The players donated hard earned gifts to give to Shazzy and GameOva as a Thank You for there dedication to the community.



The end and other images..

And finally here are some other images… I am not too sure what was going on here.. but this is how I(Ordias) was inducted as staff :)

Some people clearly need to download UOAM…. :P

I know this page is ugly as a stick ATM.. will fix it up.. :)

People involved

Guest list

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