Ahab The Legendary Fisherman

Quest Giver

Ahab the Legendary Fisherman


Ahab is a very well known Fisherman who used to be hunting whales. But modern civilization brought to life environmental awareness which meant Ahab was forced to end his activities. Leaving Moby Dick alone he focused his fishing techniques on other wildlife…

Ahab the Legendary Fisherman has six quests for you, based on the theme of his craft: Fishing. His quests are relatively easy Except for 'Stolen Net'. Need to be able to handle quite some damage.
Ahab the Legendary Fisherman can be found at the Provisioner's shop in West Britain.

Little Fishies

  • Objective: Obtain: 1 Truly Rare Fish, Obtain: 1 Prized Fish, Obtain:1 Wondrous Fish.
  • Reward: Special Fishing Pants.
  • Difficulty: Easy, just involves some patience.

The Big Fish that got away.

  • Objective: Obtain 1 Big Fish.
  • Reward: a Special Fishing Sash.
  • Difficulty: Easy, again with some patience.

Revenge of the Drowned Tillermen.

Lily Pads.

Serpentine Menace.

Stolen Net.

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