Ancient Ebon Twilite Dragon

These are the results of players loring creatures, so the actual numbers might differ a small bit.

General Information
There you have it… Food for an army wrapped in scales. They're family size and there's a whole family of them. They were awakened by their younger kin who feared their extinction was creeping closer. It somewhat diminished the human (and elvish) interest in barbed and horned leather, but the stronger hunters and groups found that the leather these ancients provided was of a more specific nature. There's only a few stronger creatures which are related as well

They appear as Paragon on Ilshenar. If you're alone: RUN!!!

Detailed Information
Special Abilities: None
Loot: Gold 604-806, 8 gems, 6 items
Cut: 6 Glacial Hides, 5 scales,19 cut ribs
Related to: Ancient Glacial Dragon, Ancient Pyretic Dragon, Ancient Bane Dragon, Ancient Dread Dragon, Ancient Guardian Dragon, Ancient Skeletal Dragon, Ancient Radiant Dragon, Thunder Wyrm, Skeletal Wyrm, Shadow Dragon, Ancient Wyrm, Dragon, Drake.
Found at: Destard, Kiriin Passage, Deepest level of Covetous.
Damage: 19 - 25 Ranged Attack: Breath
Pet killer: No Pet Immunity: No
Poison Level: Magic Auto Dispel: Yes
Taming Notes: Not Tamable Barding Level: -
Pack Instinct: None Preferred Food: Meat
Slayer Vulnerability: Dragon/Reptile Quest: None
Damage and Resistances
Lored:12 Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Damage 100 0 50 0 50
Resist Min 65 51 90 51 91
Resist Ave 71 56 95 56 94
Resist Max 75 60 100 60 98
Lored:12 HitPoints Stamina Mana Str Dex Int
Minimum 633 76 388 932 76 388
Average 681 102 442 1054 102 442
Maximum 753 120 504 1156 120 504
Lored:12 Wrestling Tactics Resist Spells Anatomy Poisoning Magery Eval Int Meditation
Minimum 97,6 97,6 101,2 0 0 77,0 75,5 52,6
Average 98,9 98,5 104,3 0 0 90,8 87,5 64,4
Maximum 99,8 99,9 108,7 0 0 99,2 98,6 75,0
Player Notes
I've gotten quite a good hang of killing these for the information on this page. Best is not to get hit. One hit can be deadly, one hit combined with a flame strike and/or Breath attack definately is. -Dronf
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