Cheese Making

First things first; you need to start of with some cooking training if you want to have a go at making cheese. You also need to go to Britain and buy yourself a cheese form and at least one milk bucket (tree recommanded, one for each kind of milk) from the farmer.

All kind off cheeses

cow cheese
goat cheese
sheep cheese

First fill your milk bucket. (Double click it and then pick either a cow, goat or sheep.) You will obtain only 1 liter of milk at the time. After 5 times cows and goats are to tired to give more milk, a sheep goes up to 7 times. You have to pick another animal of the same kind, because you can only fill the bucket with one kind of milk. A milk buckets holds up to 50 liters of milk.
Done that, it's very easy to continue. To fill the Cheese Form either double click the Cheese Form and then the Milk Bucket or vise versa. DON'T forget to double click the Cheese Form again to start the fermentation process.
Then we wait.
After about 4 hours (needs verifying) it says *READY* when you hold your mouse over the Cheese Form. Double click it and hopefully you have a nice cheese in your backpack.

Your succes raid depends on your cooking skill. The higher your skill, the easier to get a cheese. If your skill level is high enough you even make a chance on a Magic Cheese. These come in random colors and add to your stats (needs verifying) when eaten.

Magic cheeses

MagicCowcheese.JPG MagicGoatcheese.JPG MagicSheepcheese.JPG
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