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Shazzy's is a crafters paradise! We have a wide variety of items for players with different skills to craft.
Patchouli the happy wanderer sells the tools you need to make all those custom crafts and some more custom items.
We also have the Mad Crafter NPC nolonger in Minoc Blacksmith Shop, but at Trinsic Park that sells Storage Boxes to keep all your resources organized.

For the lazy players, like me some direct links to knowing the BOD's reward:
Small and large Smithy BOD's Table;
Small and large Tailor BOD's Table;
Smiting BOD Calculator;
Tailor BOD Calculator;
With thanks to Hammerhand and Dak'ka.

Here is just a quick rundown of some of the things available to players:


From ML items and artifacts to SE armor, weapons, and furniture to many custom items - all available on the carpentry tools.
Carpenters can also do:

+Toy crafting:+

Saw to make a variety of toys.

+Granite Crafting:+

A greatly expanded group of items. From the standard chairs and tables to special Pools and Spas, Grills, Statues, and much more….

+Marble Crafting:+

Miners who have read the book on how to work with stone, can use a marble crafting tool to make statues, pedestals and plinths.


Aside from the usual potions and ML additions, they can also make Pet Resurrect Potions for low level pets (those which do not require taming skill to control).
Alchemists can also do:

+Glass Blowing+

They make paints which can be used by scribes to make paintings.

+Crystal Crafting+

Alchemists can use a special Crystal Mining Hammer to mine crystals from those formations (the crystal fens on Malas) and use those to craft VERY special and powerful weapons.

+Powder Crafting+

They can collect special powders and grind them into Dyes that can be used on metal armor and shields. If I'm not mistaken even spellbooks can be dyed with them.

+Pyro Technics+

To make some awesome fireworks and you don't have to be at skill level 100 to make some.


Slayer Spellbooks , Necromancy Spellbooks, scrolls and more, the Scribe is always in demand for their wares. BOD books and Runebooks are always a top seller too.

Unique to the shard;


Using the paints made my Alchemists and a canvas made my carpenters. Scribes provide a various choice in paintings to decorate the walls of our houses with.


All the weapons you can think to make are available with more to come.


Unique to the shard;


Allows the creation of rugs, carpet and also hallway runners!


No longer a lost craft, many items have been added to the list of goodies that you can make, including lamp posts, braziers and other wonderful house deco.


Fishermen gather driftwood while out fishing on the high seas. This can be used to make several items, including a working abacus (much nicer than dice). You use a whittling knife to do this. Also, the ancient SOS, fabled fishing net for the Leviathan and some rare items can be fished up.


A project we are currently adding to as we go! Making cooking fun and creative as well as providing wanted cookables for other players to purchase. Cheese Making's succes depends on your cookingskill.

No Skills Required Features:

There are many things players can do which require no specific skills:
* Grow Plants : these are very nice and in demand by those who have Beehives and require flowers to make them flourish.
* Milk and Cheese Making
* Many different colors are added to the special Customized dye tub menu.

Some more unique crafting systems on Shazzy's Shard are:

(temporary unavailable due to a change of server)

Beehives for your house to harvest honey and wax.
Write a Book and sell it to the Publisher in Britain. You will be paid for your work and the book will then be on sale for others to purchase! You can take and revise your published book and republish it. So many things you can do with this to share your knowledge or travels, or perhaps just a funny tale to pass along.

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