Crystal Crafting


needed resource

Crystal crafting is seriously the most amazing in the art of wapon-making.

After you got your mining to a 90 skilllevel. You can buy several
crystal mining hammers and start collecting crystals. Mining for crystals
works nearly the same as mining for ore. There are six different kind of
crystals. Normal,Arganite and Bloodstone can be mined at skilllevel 90 and up.
For Quartz, Tanzanite, Varisite you need 95 skilllevel.
Small down point is that you can't use prospecterstools and
Gargoyle Pickaxes. Which means a lot of mining to get your
resources together.
My advice is to mark runebooks of each one. Crystal vains are fixed.
Enough resources, than the fun begins. You go to Pachouli again
and buy the essencial Crystal Crafting Tool Kit from her
and give it to a GM Alchemist.

Now comes the tricky bit.
All wapons crafted have use best waponskill on it and will be Repond Slayers. The type of crystal you use determents the type of damage the wapon deals. You have a pick of five different wapons: Paladin, Ninja, Samourai, Mage and Necromancer. The one you pick determents the way the wapon looks, like a colorfull no-dachi or tessen for instance.
Some thing to keep in mind is the fact that those wapons are rare and stay that way because we can't repair them. This makes powder of fortefication your best friend in adding to its durability.

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