Dasha Captain Of The Guards New Haven Starting Quest

When you first start playing on Shazzy's Shard, your first player you create gets a New Player Ticket.
These have beenthe standard and IF you can find someone with a matching ticket, you can get a rather weak prize - definately not worth the trouble ….Until NOW!

In New Haven, just to the east of where you begin, you will see the NPC's that train battle skills. Pacing the wall overseeing this area, you will see Dasha. Dasha is a ML Quester, so just approach and click. You will be offered a wonderful gift in return for your New Player Ticket.

Accept the quest, go to the bank and retrineve you Ticket. Single click yourself and mark the New Player Ticket as a Quest Item - this turns it orange and return to Dasha.

Dasha will want the ticket and in return will give you a armor set that is great for starting out and blessed and has decent resists.

** This quest is set for Humans and Elves only at this time. I will make a second quest for those how only play a gargoyle and it will be along the same lines, only with Gargoyle only armor.

Enjoy and pass the word!


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