Dye Tub Colors


Shazzy's custom dye tub menu

Shazzy made about 46 colors more available for us.
The custom colors are added to the menu of the tubs which
hold the same menu as the special dye tub.

The color category's you can choose from are:
Dull Copper, Shadow Iron, Copper, Bronze, Golden, Agapite,
Verite, Valorite are common colors, but Shazzy did add
some extra colors to them.
I believe Reds, Blues, Greens and Yellows are also added
by Shazzy.
Shazzy's Resources are for sure custom.

In the schedule below you can find a picture of all submenu's
sorted by color. Behind all the colors I believe to be custom I
added a small print off a female leather skirt dyed with that color.
I choose for the female leather skirt because it is small and does
the right justice to Shazzy's custom colors I believe.

If you want you armor or clothes in one of these fabulous colors
you need to logon on Shazzy'shard.com.

Dull Copper Shadow Iron Copper Bronze
dullcoppertotal.JPG No additions jet shadowtotal.JPG coppertotal.JPG bronzetotal.JPG
Golden Agapite Verite Valorite
DyeTubMenuGolden.JPG agapitetotal.JPG No additions jet veritetotal.JPG No additions jet valoritetotal.JPG No additions jet
Reds Blues Greens Yellows Shazzy's Resources
redstotal.JPG (needs finetuning) bluetotal.JPG greenstotal.JPG yellowtotal.JPG DyeTubMenuShazzyResources.JPG (needs finetuning)
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