Escortable NPC's

Carmen Sandiego


Every once in a while the Staff places an escortable NPC somewhere on the shard with only a hint to their whereabouts. This hint will be posted on the forum and broadcast on the shard as a 'staff-message'.


  • Carmen Sandiego - Carmen loves to explore and is found all over the various maps. She is gathering information for the Britainia Geological Society in conjunction with the BNN (Britania News Network) Once you have located her whereabouts and she has finished gathering her information, she will ask you to escort her back to Lord Britishs' Throne Room so you can give her report to the King.
  • Waldo - Waldo is always getting into trouble! He loves to follow others into uncertain territory and needs to be rescued when he is lost. Once you come upon poor Waldl, he will ask you to please take him back to the castle.


Additional information

For those that are interested in the backgrounds and origin of Carmen and Waldo:
This Link explains about Waldo and This Link explains some of Carmen Sandiego's background.

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