Fire Elemental Lord

These are the results of players loring creatures, so the actual numbers might differ a small bit.

General Information
Elementals have been around for millions of years. Before the our ancestors crawled out of muddy puddles they were already there. An abstract predecessor of our own civilization. But as we can see in our own life, there's always a struggle for power, and the age of elementals was no different. A war that led to near extinction was the cause of the Lords to bury themselves in crystal tombs to survive the effects of the war. Now they are out and the war among the few that still live continues. For a hint on the ongoing underground struggle, talk to the Water Elemental Lord and help him.
Detailed Information
Special Abilities: Poison attack.
Loot: Gold 540-693, 2 scrolls, 10% Water Essence part.
Cut: Nothing
Related to: Crystal Fire Elemental, Water Elemental Lord, Fire Elemental, Blood Elemental.
Found at: Fire Temple, Fire Dungeon, Desert North of Papua, Around Chaos.
Damage: 18 - 28 Ranged Attack: None
Pet killer: Yes Pet Immunity: No
Poison Level: Lethal Auto Dispel: Yes
Taming Notes: Not Tameable Barding Level: -
Pack Instinct: None Preferred Food: Meat
Slayer Vulnerability: Unknown Quest: Water Elemental Lord.
Damage and Resistances
Lored:12 Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Damage 50 50 0 0 0
Resist Min 55 100 47 50 45
Resist Ave 67 100 53 56 48
Resist Max 75 100 60 60 50
Lored:12 HitPoints Stamina Mana Str Dex Int
Minimum 1037 197 973 231 197 973
Average 1110 206 1008 273 206 1008
Maximum 1191 215 1038 301 215 1038
Lored:12 Wrestling Tactics Resist Spells Anatomy Poisoning Magery Eval Int Meditation
Minimum 77,2 90,6 177,5 0 100,1 120,6 120,3 100,1
Average 86,5 96,0 188,5 0 100,6 126,0 125,4 100,6
Maximum 99,9 99,0 199,2 0 101,0 129,3 130,0 130,0
Player Notes
Nice threat to all humanoids, let's hope most of these stay asleep for another million years. If you're alone and meet a paragon I suggest you run. -Dronf
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