Hecates The Witch

Quest Giver

Hecates the Witch


Hecates is a lonely ol' witch in the Vesper Graveyard. There's a rumor (you may have noticed we have a lot of rumors hereā€¦) that she's related to the well-known Grizelda. Story is they both applied for apprenticeship at the same witch but only one of them was taken. Which one of the two is not certain. The vile smell of both their brews are equally nauseatingā€¦

Hecates' Brew

  • Objective: Slay 10 zombies, Obtain 2 right arms, Obtain 2 left legs, Obtain 2 Torso's.
  • Reward: A Boiling Cauldron.
  • Difficulty: Easy.
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