Custom items to be listed here

Shazzy's a not only a crafter's paradise, but a paradise for rare-item collectors as well. A great variety of decorative items, armour, weapons, tools and food can be obtained in various was: event prizes and gifts, quest token system, crafting, simply bought and of course the thieves have their additional range of rarities.

  • Event Items: There's a lot of events, that are usually seasonal or connected to special occasions that have their own item-collection. Like the Turducken hunt at thanksgiving, the annual seahorse-race and Alice's easterbunny quest.
  • Quest Rewards: The Quest rewards, the hard earned prizes for running the errands of the custom quest-givers.
  • Quest Items: Various items you can find which are needed to complete quests, and ways to obtain them.
  • Stealables: Yes, the thieves apparently have their own patron figure here.
  • Resources: Some monsters carry their own with them, others can be mined.
  • Deco: Fun to have. Mostly put in because we asked for it.
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