Milk And Cheese Making


This is a system for milking cows, sheep, and goats, and producing cheese from
that milk with a cheese form.

Tools Needed:

MilkBucket - Double click and target a cow, sheep, or goat to gather milk. The
animal will tire out and need a rest after a little while. Once you have milk
gathered you can fill a cheese form with it (needs 15 liters) or fill a potion
bottle (needs one liter). Once you start milking a certain type of animal, you
can't switch with that bucket until it's empty. (For example, you can gather 15
liters from a cow, fill a cheese form, and start milking a sheep or goat, but
you can't milk 2 liters from a cow, fill a potion bottle, and then try and milk
a goat or sheep from that same bucket, since it will still have milk in it.
Buckets hold 50 liters.

CheeseForm - Fill with milk from a bucket then double-click to start the
fermentation process. Once the fermentation process is complete you can harvest
cheese from the form. There is a small chance based on the cooking skill of the
character to fail, as well as a small chance to get a magic cheese.


You can find the Animal Farmer near the pen outside of Britain to purchase the items needed to create the different cheeses.

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