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Paragon Creatures are a special kind of creatures that spawn only in the Ilshenar facet. They can be recognised by their golden color and the text (Paragon) after their name. Anytime a creature spawns in Ilshenar it has a 1 in 20 chance of becoming a Paragon, which means that it will have greatly enhanced stats and skills.

Because Paragons are much stronger and smarter than their normal counterparts, they will not be tameable and it will be much more difficult for bards to use their skills on them, in some cases they can't even be the first target of a provoke attempt.

In addition to the enhanced stats and skills, Paragons will also move faster, regenerate hitpoints, mana and stamina faster, hit harder and also be much more prone to attack a new target if it moves within its range, even if it is already fighting something.

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