Past News

This is our past news page.
If you want to know what has changed over time, feel free to read all the way down. The further down, the further you'll go in our shards past.

News from around April 2012 I think:
Welcome to Shazzy's Shard 12 th Year Anniversary!

We are now live and running!!!
Prepare for Stygian Abyss folks and keep an eye out on word to get started patching on the forums.

Shazzys quest for the Holy Grail is up and running so get to it fun and excitement await.

Shazzys quest for the holy grail is in the works stay tuned for updates!

Our 11th year aniversary month is nearly over.
We had loads of events and some sad news. The passing of a loved family member of our hosts got to us all. Our sincere compassion for your lose. Take all the time you need. Your virtual family understands your lives are up side down now.

Good news is; events are not quit over jet.
On the party of April 24th. (Alternate plan B) We had the official opening of the skill library and TOK training house, but we also got a challenge.
The Riddler gave us an opportunity to go to the Harrower. After extensive testing he offertdus an awesome deal. He's willing to give us the skull of enlightenment for 3 others. We already got the skull of greed and the skull of death during the event. (donated by marvelous players, thx Cloud and Jewels),but unfortunately we didn't get the 3th jet. Players tried but sadly enough they where short in numbers and failed.

So for all who want to be on Shazzy's Shard first Harrower run.
GET ORGANIZED (players run outings, on the forum, has a topic on it)
Better do it fast, cause if the Riddler gets back before we have it, deals off.
Sources inform me he left for Drachenfels, but I'm not sure for how long.

News dated before April 28th 2010:
For anyone who complained that Mallas was boring. I bet your going to eat your words.
For Ordias is our Goodfellow and is wipping up some baddies.

Please feel free to wonder around on our marvellous plains, but be warned don't go unarmed.
CAUSE. There is a new kid on the block. He is downright ugly and not much of a brainer, but that's no excuse for his family to lock him up after feeding him steroids. He hasn't been outside in a long while so his skin started to turn grey. Be careful if you guys go rescue the poor dude. He has never seen a stranger, so no idea how he's going to react.

Due to this fact the region has been granted a new name; Gundabad Crags.
For people who like long movies this should give away a good clue on which wapons to bring.
Also it might come in handy to party up cause pvp is still not allowed without consent in this realm.
Good luck to all who are going to the rescue. (rofl) 5 minutes later (stil rofl)

News dated before March 14th 2010:
We had a great gift from our hosts in Januari. A second home!!
Due to this amazing fact we held an house deco contest. Results are on their way.

Last time Gwendyyd was willing to let us run around on her little server, but she had no clue how. With help from Ordias she's on the right track. Ordias is given an account on her server and a no-ip adress is made. Last thing is the tricky part. Forwarding a router so you can access her little realm.
There is plenty of installing to do before you can get such things ready and as all of us know installing stuff is not always easy.
Wishing her luck on her venture.

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