Player Commands

This page will serve to document all the player commands available on Shazzy's Shard and what they do or how they can be used.

For the most up to date list of commands please use .helpinfo in game to see the up to date list of commands available to you the players.


All commands use a leading . (example .command)

Command values Description Example Result
Helpinfo - Shows a list of commands - GUMP will be displayed showing all commands, Use arrows to see what each command does
Help - Shows a list of commands - All commands available to you will be displayed on screen
C Null, MsgText Used as part of the global chat system .c Hello This example would display hello to everyone, you can also use it without any text to open the Chat Interface.
PM Player Name Creates a Private Message(PM) message to a specific player. If no name is specified, it will open a list of available players currently online. .PM Ordias Opens a private message window for you to send a PM to a character named Ordias.
Status - Displays a list of bonuses on a player from STR to Luck, DI, LRC, etc. - Results are calculated to include all mods from armor, jewelry, etc.
Bondinfo - Target a pet to see how long until your pet bonds with you .bondinfo Day, Hour, Minute til bonded
Bodinfo - Time until that character can collect a Tailor and or Smithy BOD .bodinfo "You can get a BOD NOW!"
Where - Gives you the coordinates, map and region of your player .where "You are at 831 1215 32 in Tokuno, your region is a House Region"
Point - Target a player, NPC or ground tile and a pointer appears for others around you to see .point Point.jpg
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