Puzzle Palace

Quest Object

Strange Dark Building


10/17/08 There has been a sighting of a strange building that appeared a few days ago. The Mages of Luna have tried and announced that it will open at a set date unknown to them now. The Mayor of Luna has alerted the Elder Mages of Moonglow after the lock over the building remained. A strange 'Mage' says he might be able to remove the 'field' as he called it, around the building, but needs some rare ingredients. Officials are not sure if the door to the building will ever open up to find out the story behind it, but they are still trying to figure it out.

10/31/08 This just in, overnight, the force keeping everyone out of the building was lifted, by who, is still unknown, and believed to stay that way. The building was torn down this morning, but the gate still remains, for how long, nobody knows. You can go into the gate and try to figure out what exactly is going on. But, enter at your own risk.


  • To make it through the puzzles alive.


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