Pyro Technics


Small Sparkles
Large Sparkles

The awesome craft of making fireworks.

If you want to start you need some Alchemy skill and go to Patchouli the happy wanderer
and buy a Pyro Kit. The alchemy skill needed is different for every type of fireworks.
Small Sparkles can be made with a skill level of 40. (needs verifying)
Large Sparkles at 50. (needs verifying)
Rockets at 60. (needs verifying)
For Fountains you need a skill level of 70. (needs verifying)

For Rockets and fountains you also need a rare resource called fuses. For all you need magery
reagents in various amounts. The color of the reagent you chose determents the color of
your fireworks when you let it fly. All Sparkles and Rockets can be fired off by double clicking them.
This is even possible when you have them in your backpack. Haven't tried it with Fountains jet.

If you want to see some examples be sure to check on the event page of Shazzy's 4th Anniversary.
Fox and Tintagel gave a fireworks show. Keep in mind the stands in the back are a new years gift
from Shazz and can't be made with the Pyro Kit.(jet)

All to add is fire at will and have fun.

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