Quests are Tasks or Objectives players need to for fill as part of a story or to obtain a special item.
There are four forms of quests run on Shazzy's Shard..

Each quest type works slightly different and works under a different system.

Classic Quests

Once you accept a Classic quests you can access your quest log and what needs to be done by left clicking on your character and then you should see some new quest options, your also not able to partake in more then one quest at a time with Classic quests..

Quests Available:

Mondain's Legacy Quests

Mondain's Legacy quest integrate with the Quest button attached to your Paper Doll (ALT-P) you can have up to around 8 active questsand are able to review your progress and also objectives from the quest button on your paper doll.

Quests Available:

Custom Quests

Custom Quests generally do not have much other then basic instructions there is nothing to remind you what you need to do or where to go so you need to keep manual notes for these quests.

Quests Available:


XMLQuests will give you an item called a Quest Holder the quest holder basically keeps track of your objectives and hold information and even proved an area where you can write notes or a quest journal.

Quests Available:


  • Summer Olympics - This will be a month long set of events for players to choose which they want to compete in for Special Awards.

More info to come including quest links

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