Rare Dragon

description=This strange breed of dragon originated from a quest givin by Piper it is thought that it spawned from the mating of a drake and a dragon but these facts have not been varified.

These are the results of players loring creatures, so the actual numbers might differ a small bit.

General Information
Detailed Information
Special Abilities: {$special_abilities}
Loot: Gold
Cut: {$cut}
Related to: dragon.
Found at: Destard (fel)
Damage: {$damage} Ranged Attack: {$ranged_attack}
Pet killer: No Pet Immunity: No
Poison Level: {$poison_lvl} Auto Dispel: {$auto_dispel}
Taming Notes: tamable Barding Level: {$barding_lvl}
Pack Instinct: None Preferred Food: Meat
Slayer Vulnerability: dragon Quest: Quest for the Tamer Robe
Damage and Resistances
Lored:{$times_lored} Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Damage {$physical_damage} {$fire_damage} {$cold_damage} {$poison_damage} {$energy_damage}
Resist Min {$minimum_physical_resist} {$minimum_fire_resist} {$minimum_cold_resist} {$minimum_poison_resist} {$minimum_energy_resist}
Resist Ave {$average_physical_resist} {$average_fire_resist} {$average_cold_resist} {$average_poison_resist} {$average_energy_resist}
Resist Max {$maximum_physical_resist} {$maximum_fire_resist} {$maximum_cold_resist} {$maximum_poison_resist} {$maximum_energy_resist}
Lored:{$times_lored} HitPoints Stamina Mana Str Dex Int
Minimum {$minimum_hitpoints} {$minimum_stamina} {$minimum_mana} {$minimum_str} {$minimum_dex} {$minimum_int}
Average {$average_hitpoints} {$average_stamina} {$average_mana} {$average_str} {$average_dex} {$average_int}
Maximum {$maximum_hitpoints} {$maximum_stamina} {$maximum_mana} {$maximum_str} {$maximum_dex} {$maximum_int}
Lored:{$times_lored} Wrestling Tactics Resist Spells Anatomy Poisoning Magery Eval Int Meditation
Minimum {$minimum_wrestling} {$minimum_tactics} {$minimum_resist_spells} {$minimum_anatomy} {$minimum_poisoning} {$minimum_magery} {$minimum_evaluate_int} {$minimum_meditation}
Average {$average_wrestling} {$average_tactics} {$average_resist_spells} {$average_anatomy} {$average_poisoning} {$average_magery} {$average_evaluate_int} {$average_meditation}
Maximum {$maximum_wrestling} {$maximum_tactics} {$maximum_resist_spells} {$maximum_anatomy} {$maximum_poisoning} {$maximum_magery} {$maximum_evaluate_int} {$maximum_meditation}
Player Notes
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