Saw Mill


New Haven
Ilshenar Spirituality

If any of the useful items are seriously useful it is the Saw Mill.

You can find one close to the New Haven gate, about 20 passes NW from it.
The other is a bit harder to reach, because it stands on Ilshenar, so you have
to travel by gate and walk a bit. The gate to take is to Spirituality, follow the
little path through the mountain, walk a bit North through the woods and you'll
find it near the water. Quit easy still, but don't go there with bad Karma or the
Fearie's, Centaur's an an occasional Unicorn that live in those woods are out
to get you.

Saw mills are very useful due to the fact that they turn your hard earned
lumbered logs in to light weight boards. So no need to train Carpentry on the
same character anymore and no tons of froe uses spilled, because you can only
hold so much logs in your pack. Grab a "packy", stuff it and all logs of one kind
go in the Saw Mill at the same time. Less time consuming. Easy drop 'm in the
box at one end and pick the boards up at the other.

Be careful when you use the Saw Mill. The minute you don't respect it's awesome
power it can cost you the use of your hand. Luckely Shazzy made ours childproof,
but she can remove the safety at all times.

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