Most important of the VIP's are the people that run Shazzy's Shard, organize events, add new stuff, keep the game bug-free and generally make sure that you have a good time.

They are not here to give you a raise when you're inconveniently far away from a healer, they're more likely to log in with their player characters to try and help you out. Nor are they here to raise your skills or stats: These have to be earned. They do not hand out items on demand, but make sure you have the opportunity in game to either find or craft or earn them. If you do have a great idea for an item, you can always post a suggestion on the forum and if it's good enough, they'll make sure there's a way you can obtain it somehow in game.

Dramatis personæ

Shazzy: Shard Owner
Name: Shazzy
aka: 'The Typo-Queen'.

Favorite Command: .add
Favorite passtime: Building and adding new stuff, then skipping to another idea, forgetting what she was working on in the first place but noticing it a bit late and in the end combining it into something enjoyable.

A Hard-working and pleasent person with a good sense of humour. Spends a lot of time scripting, rescripting and adding new stuff and running events. Worst thing about running events is that she usually can't join in with her player character.


Ova: Shard Owner
ova.jpg Name: Ova
aka: 'Ye Olde Pharte' (I'm dead now…)

Favorite Command: .kill (REALLY dead…)
Favorite passtime: .killing people that give him reason to. Hanging around with other ancients and demi-gods like Chtulu and Sid (he'll raise me and .kill me again…)

One of Shazzy's Shard's enigmas. You'll never know when or if he's actually there. Maybe he just acts as if. I heard he works on the server engine core a lot and rumor is that he's implementing a new command: .ovakill, with which he can end all life on the shard… (be humane, please just ban me…)

Ordias: Seer
Name: Ordias
aka: 'The Watcher' ("Now guess what they do…")

Favorite Command: .hide
Favorite passtime: Watching… You'll never know when he's there, but it's better to think that he is. You'll know for certain when strange things start happening like blue and purple bunnies popping up, or creatures that don't belong where you are.

Experienced Seer that's interested in what you're doing and how he can make life on the shard more fun. (For example by spawning a bunch of ratmen mages next to you.) Currently working on 'the ice-scream factory'. It's good to have a parrot in your home since parrots don't like him and react to his presence. (Now he's gonna kill me too…)


Muad'Dib: Game Master
muaddib.jpg Name: Muad'Dib
aka: 'Billy The (s)crypt-kid'

Favorite command: .props
Favorite passtime: checking stuff, figuring out stuff, fixing things that are broken or misplaced.

Steadily growing scripting experience, reworked the old quests to ML-system.
Noteworthy: Helping a few players to set up an in-game surprise party for Shazzy and Ova in a way that it actually remained a surprise-party for the Shard's Demi-gods.

Ghost: Game Master
Name: Ghost
aka: 'Captain Ectoplasm'

Favorite Command: .tele
Favorite passtime: Writing scripts of which no one probably understands what it is and what it does exactly. Bleeding all over the place since he thinks the Halloween Knife is really cool.

GM with some experience he has to refresh. At the moment helping Dronf/Alex and Tintagel with gathering data and screenshots for Wiki. Resumed scripting and rewriting odd things recently. A quest thing involving real will'o'wisps is one of the myriad of things he mentioned.


Gwendydd: Game Master
gwendydd.jpg Name: Gwendydd
aka: 'One of the kind kind'

Favorite command: .help
Favorite passtime: Building training-halls, helping players, being confused and confusing others. (Chess anyone…?)

Least experienced of the six, but learning fast between fits of confusion and being puzzled. Building a training Hall for totally new players where they can learn about the available skills and get some advice on how to train them. Likes to meet and greet new people and show them around the important spots on Shazzy's Shard.

Aesina: Counselor
Name: Aesina
aka: 'The Workaholic' ("Over working and over helpful")

Favorite Command: .Who
Favorite passtime: Helping new players and checking for unattended macroing,farming and making quests.

Newest member of the staff


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