Stone Crafting

In order to mine stone:

-You will need to buy a book in Gargoyle City, Ilshenar about how to find quality stone. Your miner needs to read it.
-Set your pick axe or shovel to mine ore and stone by clicking it once to give the option. This will apply to all other tools you use.

Granite comes in the same color as the vein of ore you would normally find there.

When you have found enough granite of one color, you can craft several things out of them, with the help of a Mallet and Chisle. This is also sold in Gargoyle City.

-I can hear you thinking this is a site about customs, Stone Crafting ain't custom.

-True, but thanks to our Game Master we have plenty more to craft. I do on the other hand need some time to figure out what exactly.

(Examples of extras will follow)

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