The Happy Wanderer

Patchouli is a custom NPC who sells us lots of very nice custom items.
She can be found in the Trinsic Meeting Hall, between a park and the bank.

Her shop holds tall ladders in North and West direction to
put in your house instead of some stairs. Seven different
types of tree's:
dark brown, grey, light brown, apple, pear, peach and
cherry blossom.
A sprinkler and a filling container for it, to help out watering
your plants. It is quit handy at times.
To make some of the finest craftables Shazzy put in,
she sells several craft tools.
Like a toy crafting tool, a whittling knife,
a powder crafting manual, marble crafting tools,
a crystal mining hammer, a Crystal Crafting Tool Kit,
a painting pallete and a weavers spool and last but
not least a veterinarian's pen to write petres-contract's
for pets which can't be ressed with the petres-potion.

Her stock also holds a Pyro Kit to make very
nice firework. Small sparklers, large sparklers,
rockets and fountains. For the last two you need fuses,
which are a rare loot on orc bombers.

Her latest additions are a Rope Ladder facing North and West
and two different types of Yucca Tree.

Have fun shopping, but don't forget to bring a well filled wallet.
Only her tools are below 1k, but then prises go up from 50k
till 200k. Her goodies are very nice but expensive.




our former wanderer
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