The Mad Crafter

Our Mad Crafter lives in Trinsic, near the parc, on trammel and she sells us very handy items,
called a storage box. She has several and each one hold a certain type of resources.
We even have a special one called an Ice box.

Mad Crafter

our storage provider

Here is a small list of all boxes she sells. If you click the link
you get a nice table of the content it holds for ye.

Miner Storage Box
Tailor's Storage Box
Logs & Boards Storage Box
Reagent Storage box
Mondain's Legacy Storage Box
Stagian Abyss Storage Box
High Sea's Storage Box
Ice Box
Scribes Tombe
Obsolete, due to combining with our old Ingot Storage Box into our new Miners Storage Box
Granite Storage Box
Dragon Scale Storage Box
Deleted, Crystal and Powder are no longer available on our world, snif.
Crystal and Powder Storage Box

The above links don't work properly jet. So here's the Storage Boxes link to the page there on. Sorry but you have to scroll down yourself for now. And……
The Seedbox has returned as vetreward with a nice different look to it. It's content will be made available on the Storage Boxes page asap.

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