The XMLQuest system is a very powerful quest custom quest system created by ArteGordon.
Official Website: Xmlspawnerfan.com

So whats the difference?

The main difference between XMLQuests and the other quest is that when you take on a XMLQuest you are usually are given a Quest Holder the quest holder allows you to see your objectives, Instructions, time remaining, reward & also even store notes in the journal attached to each Quest Holder.

Quest Points

The XMLQuest is the only quest system where you can obtain Quest Points these Quest Points are used with the Quest Reward Stone where you can purchase items with your Quest Points.

Ignorant Quest NPC's

When trying to do XMLQuests you should know that some quest NPC's may ignore you after someone has started a quest.
Generally this will not be for a long period of time but is added to reduce and prevent the ability to farm points from the XMLQuest npc's.
Most quests will only reward 1 point for completion along side other rewards harder more elaborate quests will result in additional points and also longer waiting times for those quests to become available again after being accepted.

Player Quests

Player Quests or PQ's are quests made by players on Shazzy's Shard, these quests range in objective but are generally basic things like resources order's but are not only limited to this.
More information on Player Quests can be found on the Player Quests page.

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